Our Founding members and Team

Fonvinyuh Gordian Fanso
Fonvinyuh Gordian Fanso

Fonvinyuh Gordian Fanso is the founder of CTIDD. Gordian Fanso is a trained forest scientist and also has experience in agricultural systems management.


He brings to the CTIDD team a wealth of knowledge and experience from working on natural resource management in international settings in Africa, Europe, Latin America and Asia. The broad network and experience Gordian brings to the team serves as an inspiration to the team and will play an important role towards reaching the mission of CTIDD. 


E-mail: ctidd@ctidd.org 

Tel: 0049 (0) 177 14 11 071 

Skype: fon10gordian 

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Mainzana Mapoko Nene is the Co-founder of CTIDD. Mrs Mainzana is an environmental journalist working for the National broadcasting house of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Her work is focus on rural community development programs and protecting the rights of underprivileged indigenous people of Congo, notably the pygmies. 


Her numerous travels abroad to raise awareness on the situation of local communities and pygmies in the DRC, has given her a wide experience in the area of lobying for better governmental natural resource frameworks.


Before working for the radio house she worked in developmental projects on the ground to sensitise local communities in Congo on their rights and help them voice out their concerns on the irreponsible use of resources that affect their livelihood. 


E-mail: ctidd@ctidd.og 

Tel: +243 (8151) 90 535

Skype: nene.mainzana

Chouchouna MPUNGA LOSALE is currently working for CTIDD as Communications and Public Relations officer. Before joining CTIDD, Ms. Losale has been involved in a number of initiatives to combart deforestation and promoting good forest management. One of such initiatives led to founding of RCEN a network of environmental journalists in the Congo Basin. Ms. losale brings to CTIDD her communications and networking experience within the region which will help CTIDD to continue work towards achieving the organisation's vision and mission.  



Tel:+ 243 (8136) 45 782

Skype: chouchou.losale