About Us

The Centre des Technologies Innovatrices et le Développement Durable (CTIDD) is a research and projects implementation, Non Governmental Orgnanisation with head office registered in the Democratic Republic of Congo - The DRC.


We carry out most of our activities in the countries of the Congo Basin sub region but also extend to cover other parts of Africa.   


CTIDD is founded to provide and promote locally grounded alternative pragmatic solutions to resource use and consumption in the Tropics and Sub-tropics. At CTIDD we use the term "Technology" to mean both material technology and knowledge exchange. 


Embedded in our vision is to see the notion of Sustainable Development grow from the interlinkage between foreign and local innovative technologies and knowledge exchange for land use systems, natural resource management and conservation.


We believe that by locally  forstering alternative responsible resource use ideas and methods we will be able to move the global community into a new path that will alleviate poverty and provide equal opportunities for all.   


We work towards achieving this aim by partnering with international and local research institutions, international and local Universities for Tropical studies, private sector organisations, and governmental institutions, local and international Non-governmental organisations to explore existing and innovative approaches towards responsible resource use.