CTIDD - raising awareness for the next generation

Schoolgirl listing benefits of the tree.
Schoolgirl listing benefits of the tree.

Ctidd continues to take part in awareness raising within the Congolese population. In these photos projects of awareness raising can be seen in schools in Kinshasa - to embed the message to the next generation of the responsibilities of protecting and managing the natural resources of their country.

Pupils plant saplings with Ctidd.
Pupils plant saplings with Ctidd.

(Photos top - left to right)

  1. Ctidd members make a presentation in sign-language at school for deaf children and those with special educational needs.
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  3. Persentation by WWF to pupils at a school in Kinshasa.

(Photos bottom - left to right)

  1. Nene Mainzana interviews pupils about their understanding of the importance of the forests in their country, broadcast on national TV.
  2. A class at Ndingambote, Kinshasa participating in an awareness raising session for the national Day of the Tree.
  3. Nene Mainzana addressing the class.

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