Members of board of directors


Fonvinyuh Gordian Fanso 

Fon. Gordian Fanso is one of the CTIDD Founders and Chair of the Board.

He is a trained forest scientist and also has experience in agricultural systems management. Fon.Gordian Fanso has held leadership positions in international institutions like the Forest Stewardship Council and the EU Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade (EU FLEGT) Facility.  

He brings to the CTIDD team a wealth of knowledge and experience from working on natural resource governance in Africa, Europe, Latin America and Asia. The broad network and experience Fon.Gordian Fanso brings to the team serves as an inspiration to the team and plays an important role towards reaching the mission of CTIDD. 



Tel: +66 640266099

Skype: fon10_works

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Joseph EKEMINO is Vice President of the CTIDD Board of Directors


He is an Engineer in Agricultural Sciences / Department of Natural Resource Management (GRN) / Wildlife and Flora Option and Specialist in Environmental and Social Assessment of Projects, Programs and Plans.

Joseph EKEMINO is the current Director of Environmental and Social Department of the Anglo Belgian Corporation / ABCSODIMEL of the OGEAR-Africa group





Tel:          +243 82 000 2491 /

            +243 81 785 4463






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Mainzana Mapoko Nene


Mrs Mainzana is one of the CTIDD Founder and member of the Board

She is an environmental journalist working for the National broadcasting house of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Her work is focus on rural community development programs and protecting the rights of underprivileged indigenous people of Congo, notably the pygmies. 


Her numerous travels abroad to raise awareness on the situation of local communities and pygmies in the DRC, has given her a wide experience in the area of lobying for better governmental natural resource frameworks.


Before working for the radio house she worked in developmental projects on the ground to sensitise local communities in Congo on their rights and help them voice out their concerns on the irreponsible use of resources that affect their livelihood. 




Tel:          +243 (8151) 90 535


Skype: nene.mainzana





Mr FRANCIS HANNAWAY  is member of the Board