Mr. JACQUES-RYPHIN ISONGO ANGEMBONI is the Planning Manager of the CTIDD.

He is a Rural Development Engineer, specializing in Environment and Sustainable Development in the Higher Institute of Rural Development ISDR / MBANDAKA. He completed his academic training with other training include: Project Cycle Management and Monitoring and Evaluation; facilitation and coaching techniques of local communities and indigenous peoples in the implementation of development projects; The principle of free, prior informed and etc ...

He is expert in support of communities in the implementation of REDD + activities in community-based (fight against land degradation and deforestation and the protection of forest landscape restoration). He is the current project leader (of) - Support to communities for forest landscape restoration of BATEKE tray through agroforestry. - Establishment of two concessions of local community forests in the forest of SIMBA and BOLANGBA, Bolomba sector Bolomba territory in the province of Equateur.

He is also a consultant to the company ABC Sodimel Ogepar the Africa group as a department of Environment and Social, health and safety.


Phone : +243 819262916, +243 853 650 441

E-mail : jacquesisongo@yahoo.fr , isongojqcaus@gmail.com

Skype : jacquesisongo.1